Suavecito - Deluxe Handle Comb

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Friday. 8:27pm. The sun is sinking in the sky and the lights slowly come on in the little tiny houses along the street. It’s about that time again that you need to get ready for the big night out. Thus, tend to the routine. Shower and shave. Dress and style. Make tonight a homerun.

This Deluxe Amber Handle Comb will help you achieve whatever style you want in perfect comfort and ease. The large handle makes it easy to hold and use while the wide gapped rounded teeth move through your hair like a swift breeze.

8:43pm. You’re out the door and looking great.

  • Comfortable in your hand and your hair
  • Easy to use
  • Wide teeth with rounded tips
  • Made from premium sheets of Zyl Acetate
  • 7.9 x 1.7”