Salomon - Super 8 Pro Snowboard 22/23

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The Super 8 Pro is the essence of speed and agility in a freeride board. A wider shape allows the rider to size down 3-4 cm.
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Camber Backseat Camber
Shape Tapered Directional
Flex Stiff

The Super 8 Pro features the Area 51 base material and Damplifier Lite, this tapered directional shape with Backseat Camber is extremely agile in deep snow and groomers alike, with an uncanny ability to power through variable terrain. 


Power and Float
Backseat camber places power and control underneath your backfoot for confident charging while a long nose with rocker helps stay afloat in deep snow.

A quadratic sidecut works seamlessly with backseat camber to provide quick edge-to-edge transitions and effortless turn initiation in tight spaces.

High-Speed Stability
A high-density sintered Area 51 base is built for maintaining glide speed, while C/FX Basalt pairs with a stiffer flex for stability while charging.


Backseat camber

Camber loaded under the back foot for precision and control, with flat segments under the front foot for superior floatation in deep snow. The best of both worlds.

Tapered directional

Tail width is slightly tapered (2-20mm). This loosens up turning initiation and improves floatation in deeper snow without sacrificing edge hold on hardpack.

C/FX Basalt

A patented combination of fiberglass and basalt designed to provide an optimal ratio of weight, power, and dampening.


A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge to edge transitions.

BA MD fiberglass

Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.

Damplifier lite

A combination of lightweight cork and honeycomb are strategically placed in the tip for better float, lower swing weight, and increased dampening and shock resistance.


The core is strategically milled inside of the insert packs, allowing the board to flex more naturally underfoot and transfer energy into the nose and tail for added pop.

Sintered EG

Engineered for fast glide speed and maximum wax retention in all conditions. Gallium strengthens impact resistance, while the Electra finish enhances speed.

Aspen SLCT

Every single wood strip is hand selected to ensure unparalleled core quality and lightness.

FSC certified woodcore

FSC certified wood comes from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards, supporting sustainable forest management.


Built to go faster and higher, Area 51 is our fastest base material that utilizes a high-density sintered base with a top secret wax formula and factory finish.

Natural wax

A paraffin-free wax compound made from natural ingredients. A non-pollutant compound held to the highest standards of glide speed.

All mountain EB

All mountain ready, right out of the wrapper. Equipped with a 1-degree bevel in the nose and tail and a 2-degree bevel between the feet for superior edge hold and no hang ups.

Gunslinger Sidewall

The pinnacle of Slingshot technology, implementing carbon inlays that run the full length of the board to meet reaction and shock absorption needs of Bode Merrill.