Pretty Good, Not Bad - Twan & The Boys

"Just a group of boys from Fernie boarding all around the East Kootenays. Most of it was filmed in the Elk Valley. 145 days on the board is ''pretty good, not bad''. Enjoy the clip! Cheers" - Twan & The Boys.

We first met 'Twan early 2016ish I think he arrived. Shit eating grin and a 15 pack of whatever under his arm that someone had to buy for him because he was 18 at the time. If I'm not mistaken that was his first proper riding season ever. He had a janitor gig on the mountain and put in over a 100 days.

Since then he has really come into his own and every clip he sends us is better and better. He pounds trees in the offseason to make a winter season happen day in day out. I'm not bullshitting to say that Antoine lights up a room with his stoke - it's infectious!! His life is your vacation, and then some. An incredibly humble and unforgettable attitude.

One day chasing him on Linda laps I asked what his private/party life as a 20 year old was like. He explained he "just didn't have the thirst" - it took away from riding. Well this year Antoine has come home, partner in tow - she is just as eager to get after it with him. They, together with the French Connection have set up base camp near *none of your business* and we are pumped to see what is to come.

Pretty good, not bad!

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