Introducing RX Bearings

RX Bearings is a relatively new Canadian skate bearing manufacturer. We are stoked to be able to offer our customers high quality Canadian made products at Commit!

Here are some of the advantages of Rx Bearings over other brands.

  • Rx manufactures medical-grade precision bearings (MGP).
  • Rx bearings are faster and have a longer life span than other brands.
  • Rx is the only brand to provide its bearing specification.
  • Rx offers a limited warranty on all of its bearings products.
  • Rx is skater owned & operated.
  • Rx is a Canadian company in Montreal.
  • Rx supports over 75 Canadian riders.
  • Rx Green Steel MGP710 bearings are currently at an introduction retail price of CA$20.00.

Get your fix of RX Bearings speed here.