Grants Approved for the New Fernie Skate Park

Canada and British Columbia are investing in 57 infrastructure projects across the province to create inclusive, resilient communities. And for Fernie, it’s a new skate park with a whopping $1.28 million investment into the community!

The City of Fernie skatepark facility as it exists requires extensive upgrades in order for it to meet the safety standards of the fully integrated modern concrete parks being constructed today. Although some attempts to repair have occurred in the past year, the scale of repairs needed is extensive. The uncontrolled cracking and gaps in the cement pose a threat to current users of the facility. Unfortunately, this will likely result in the decommissioning of the facility in the near future. Fernie Council voted to support the grant application for a new skate park in 2020.

Fernie’s new skate park will be designed and installed by New Line Skateparks from Vancouver.


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