VonZipper - Cleaver

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One of the most popular knives in the ice box, the Cleaver is a multi-purpose goggle blade. Used primarily to hack through meat, bone and all conditions, this large sized hatchet features a flexible thermo-polyurethane frame with Tri Density face foam for comfort, moisture wicking and slash-ability. A dual layered anti-fog cylindrical lens cuts through efficiently and provides a wide field of vision that slices with sheer momentum. Useful on vegetables too, the forward venting in the frame and lens makes this goggle your on-snow food prep utensil of choice.

O.G. Ergonomic Frame Design
Helmet Compatible
Superior Peripheral Vision
Thermo-Polyurethane Injection Molded Frame
Cylindrical Cellulose Acetate Dual Lens
100% UV Protection
Forward Lens Venting For Maximum Air Flow
Glaricade Anti-Fog And Hard Coated Lens
Internal Light Dampening Texture
Polar Fleece Lined, Triple Density Facefoam
Dual Adjustable Strap

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Bonus WildLife Replacement Lens
Color YBC : Free Bonus Lens = Yellow
Color RED : Free Bonus Lens = Yellow
Color BBF : Free Bonus Lens = Night Stalker Blue-Silver Chrome
Color SB1 : Free Bonus Lens = Yellow
Color HAW : Free Bonus Lens = Yellow