Toy Machine - Monster

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Toy Machine kills it when it comes to having great boards, a global ripping squad, amazing art and awesome videos! Grab a Toy Machine Deck today and join up in the ranks of Templeton!

Whether you’re a new rider or already have tricks under your belt a Toy Machine Deck is a great option. They are 7 plies of maple and are pressed by PS Stix who has been in business for decades and is one of the most trusted and reliable deck manufactures around.

Dimensions Width - 8.375
Length - 32.00
Wheelbase - 14.38
Nose - 7.13
Tail - 6.63
Concave - Medium


Dimensions - Width - 8.50
Length - 32.38
Wheelbase - 14.50
Nose - 7.25
Tail - 6.88
Concave - Medium