The Mountain Syndicate - Survival Saw

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You know what is unfortunate about not having the Trail Blazer Survival Saw with you? You don't have one when you need it the most.
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Anytime you are out on a mountain adventure or just a nice family camping trip. Having a Trail Blazer Saw is useful. A tree has fallen across the path ahead. You're trapped on a mountainside and you have to spend the night. You can use our saw and move the tree in your path, make it into firewood or build a shelter. This survival saw is very handy to have by your side.

For anyone who goes camping, Hiking, Ski Touring, Sledding, and randomly on a whim head off on a grand adventure, we all take the road less traveled. Better to have a saw with you and not need it. Then need a saw and not have it.

"I always have one of these with me for good reason. It's definitely helped get me out of more than one sticky situation. It's a big reason why I started the company. "
 - Craig, The Mountain Syndicate - Owner


  • Sized to fit in most common backpacks
  • Two-way blade easy to use
  • Rubber Grip for comfort and anti-slip
  • Open holster quicker blade drying
  • Ripcord loop and toggle to help hold blade guard in place
  • Ripcord loop to help hold on when working in awkward positions