Spy - Legacy Lens

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Direct fit OEM lenses for the Legacy's Fingerprint-free Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system. All Spy Optics lenses offer 100% UV protection from harmful rays and are manufactured with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. The Legacy is a large fitting

HAPPY Lenses - Increased clarity, sharper focus and accentuated changes in terrain while reducing eye strain and improving your mood and alertness. Lets in the good rays that studies suggest make you happy, while still blocking all of the bad rays - proven effective over the years:

Happy Light Gray Green w/ Lucid Red - 54% VLT
Happy Yellow w/ Lucid Green - 53% VLT
Happy Persimmon w/ Lucid Silver Mirror - 46% VLT
Happy Gray Green w/ Red Spectra - 17% VLT
Happy Bronze Gold Spectra Mirror - 15% VLT
Happy Bronze Green Spectra Mirror -15% VLT
Clear - 92% VLT

*VLT - Visual Light Transmittance indicates amount of light allowed through the lens.