Jones - Nomad Splitboard Skins - Pre Cut

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QUICK TENSION TAIL CLIP. Jones Nomad Climbing Skins are premium splitboard skins that offer the ideal balance of glide, grip and durability. Ideal for backcountry touring and wilderness exploration. Pre-cut to fit your splitboard perfectly.

The Nomad skin fibers are 70% Mohair and 30% Synthetic Nylon. The natural mohair fibers deliver exceptional glide in any snow condition because they remain soft and flexible at any temperature. The nylon fibers provide extra traction when the skin track gets steep or icy and improved durability over 100% Mohair skins. Nomad skins are PFC-free and are coated with Bluesign-approved EVER DRY 3.0 Anti-glopping treatment to improve performance in wet snow.

Jones Nomad Skins are also laminated with RUBBER SAFER SKIN backing. This rubber layer keeps the skin from absorbing water and makes the skins easier to pull apart. Nomad skins are available in two models: Trim-To-Fit with Universal Tail Clip and Pre-Cut with Quick Tension Tail Clip. The Quick Tension Tail Clip adjusts in seconds, provides the perfect skin tension and is compatible with all Jones splitboards 2016 and newer.


'A' Skins

  • Womens' Solution Split 146/149/152/155
  • Dream Catcher Split 145/148/151/154
  • Women's Hovercraft Split 146

'B' Skins

  • Solution Split 154/158/161
  • Ultra Solution Split 158/161

'C' Skins

  • Ultracraft Split 156
  • Mind Expander Split 154/158
  • Hovercraft Split 152/156

'D' Skins

  • Ultra Solution Split 164
  • Solution Split 164
  • Mountain Twin Split 157/159W/160
  • Frontier Split 152/156/159/162

'E' Skins

  • Ultracraft Split 160
  • Hovercrat Split 160

'F' Skins

  • Solution Split 162W/167
  • Ultra Solution Split 162W

'G' Skins

  • Solution Split 159W/165W
  • Ultra Solution Split 165W
  • Frontier Split 158W/161W/164W

'H' Skins

  • Solution Split 169W

'I' Skins

  • Storm Chaser Split 147/152/157