DWD - Wizard Stick

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Step on the Wizard Stick and set your mind free.
Camber Crossbreed Camber
Shape Directional Twin
Flex 6/10

You’re not just seeing things, this magical board won two TW GoodWood awards in the same season!! One for All-mountain and the other for park. Built for freestyle and shaped to inspire the all-mountain boarder in all of us; you’re trippin’ if you think this board can’t do it all. So go ahead… step on the Wizard Stick and set your mind free.


Crossbreed Camber – The super spawn of Lowrider and Reverse camber puts the best of both worlds in all the right places. Lowrider between the feet will have you bouncing off everything in sight; and with reverse camber out the tip and tail, it’s unstoppable in every situation!